Lower Ailerons #7

After thinking how I was clamping the ailerons I decided to take everything apart and reclamp. The idea is to get the nose of the aileron at the center of the radius of the leading edge perfectly so the same amount gets drawn up the sides. The problem is you need a clamp with a 6″ deep grip to do that with how much the leading edge is splayed out. If you pull the sides of the leading edge in enough to get the clamp on the nose and spar you can’t get the nose to sit down tight with the leading edge metal. So I used a piece of wood to extend the edges out past the relaxed leading edge and used two clamps on each side to draw the leading edge metal tight to the nose ribs and tube while I pulled the leading edge metal tight to the spar. This worked better and I was able to drill my first holes. I drilled the holes for each rib on both sides and then I started drilling the holes inbetween the ribs but it was getting late. Again not so many pictures because of the lack of more than two hands but here is the picture after got the first holes drilled and clecoed. I removed a bunch of the clamps so that I could more easily work and mark holes. I also made the trailing edge braces to support the trailing edges on the right lower aileron.

Time spent today 3.5 hours
Total time spent 246 hours

One Response to Lower Ailerons #7

  1. macwolf says:

    Hi, didnt manage to get to the shed to try the leading edge, but had a thought… do you think drawing a straight line on the leading edge on the chord tip, and the drilling and cleco’ing the tube onto the leading edge first is an option ? Then you will always be square, when pulling the leading edge over and around onto the spars?

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