Upper Ailerons #12

October 31, 2010

I didn’t spent much time today working on the wings as I spent half my day at the airport working on Pitts S-1S my buddy owns. The brakes were a little spongy last time I flew it so I decided to bleed the brakes and viola good brakes again. After that I went for a 0.5 flight to bore holes in the sky.

Anyway the time that I did spend in the basement I was productive. Now that the upper ailerons are riveted It was time to make the hinge cut outs. I laid the aileron on top of the hinges and marked the edges hinges with my 3/16″ spacer installed then I taped off the edges just in case the marked lines rub off and started cutting with the angle grinder. I did a rough cut and then filed it down to the edge of the tape. It worked really well. I still need to finish the middle aileron cutout for the slave strut bracket but I will save that for another day.

Time spent today 2.5 hours
Total time spent 340 hours

Upper Ailerons #11

October 29, 2010

Today I was determined to finish the upper aileron riveting I basically did the same thing I have done now 3 times before. I took some process pictures:

Removing clecos and deburing after the deburing each rib intersection on the leading edge skin will by scuffed up with 150 grit sand paper to improve adhesion, also I cleaned everything thoroughly to get all the dust removed:

Applying the adhesive, I used 3M Scotch Weld 2216 B/A:


Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 337.5 hours

Upper Ailerons #10

October 28, 2010

Today I took a half day off of work determined to get both these ailerons riveted by friday afternoon. I started off by drilling the holes for the upper left wings tapered tip. I then moved on to cutting and fitting the upper right wings tapered tip and and drilling holes for that aileron. I also had some final holes to drill on the ribs. After that there was nothing left to do but start deburring and mix adhesive. I did all that just like I did for the lower ailerons. I got all the clecos back in and started riveting. I finally finished the upper left aileron by 0130 in the morning.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 332.5 hours

Upper Ailerons #9

October 26, 2010

Tonight I worked on the upper left and right ailerons. I started off on the upper right aileron by finishing drilling of the spar cap angles on the tapered tip. I then took everything apart and deburred both the upper right and left spar cap angles on the tapered tips and riveted both angles on both ailerons. I also drilled and riveted the trailing edges of the tip ribs on both ailerons.

After I was done I started working the tapered leading edges for the upper right aileron. I was able to get the tip rough installed and trimmed. It is just about ready for drilling. Tomorrow I will get the tip drilled and cleco’d and then hopefully have enough time to get the left tapered tip leading edge fitted and trimmed up to the same point. The goal is to get these ailerons finished by the end of this weekend but we’ll see how that goes.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 322.5 hours

Upper ailerons #8

October 24, 2010

Today I only had a few hours but I decided to get a few things done. On saturday I was able to get out the airport to use the shear and brake. I made the angles for the tapered tip spar caps. I just sheared and folded a 87 deg angle in a 7/8 in wide strip of 6061-T6 0.035 so that I had 7/16″ on either side. After that I took my buddies S-1S up for 0.5 aerobatic flight it was nice to get into the air again. Anyway on Sunday I was able to get the intermedate holes drilled for both sides of the upper right aileron and the spar caps trimmed and cleco’d. I started to drill and cleco the upper left aileron tip but ran out of time. Sorry no photos today.

Time spent (2 day roll up) 3 hours
Total time spent 318.5 hours

Upper Ailerons #7

October 20, 2010

Tonight I had a few hours and I got quite a lot done. I am getting a bit faster at installing the leading edge. I repeated exactly what I did on all the rest of the ailerons so far so no need to repeat. I was able to get the corner angle braces fabricated and installed. I also riveted the trailing edge on. I was also able to get the leading edge positioned and clamped. I then marked and drilled the holes for the rib intersections. Tomorrow I will get holes in between ribs marked and drilled.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 311.5 hours

Lower Ailerons #18

October 19, 2010

Tonight I can finally say the lower ailerons are as finished as they can be for now. I finished trimming and filing the lower left aileron. I have a few little things to do like install the final hardware and maybe trim a bit more on the center hinge for the control arm fork/bearing but that can wait until I get the wing fit checked and make sure I have clearance for the slave strut. Now on to the upper ailerons…

Time Spent today 2.5 hours
Total Time spent 308.5 hours

Lower Ailerons #17

October 17, 2010

Today I finished up the lower right aileron hinge cut out by filing it back some more so that the aileron could travel up and and down more. I set it so that the aileron could travel 32 deg either side we’ll see if that is enough later.

I then decided I wanted to finish the lower left aileron. All I had left to do is rivet the leading edge on. The whole process takes approx 7 hours start to finish. I started with removing the leading edge and sanding the rib locations to rough them up for the adhesive. I then de-burred everything. I mixed the adhesive and applied it to the nose ribs and the leading edge. I then re-installed the leading edge and cleco’d it in place starting from the center and moving out board. After that I started dimpling and riveting and I was able to finish the aileron.

After that I had some more time so I marked the location of the hinges by laying the aileron on the three hinges with the 3/16″ spacer. I then spent some time trimming the templates to widen them some so I wouldn’t have to file so much (things I learned from the right side. I traced the cut out location on the aileron and drilled a 3/8″ hole in each corner to help with cutting the blank out. On the each side of the cut outs I drilled a hole and clecoed the leading edge to make sure I would be secure for the cut. I masked the area off because it provides straight lines and also because I can wipe the permanent marker off the aluminum after some handling. I cut the leading edge down to the holes with my die grinder and was able to get the blank out. I then used my snips to trim up the edges. Tomorrow I will file everything perfect and install the hinge brackets.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 306 hours

Lower Ailerons #16

October 16, 2010

Today was a long day it probably shouldn’t have been. I spent the first part of the day making a templates for the hinge cuts outs. This is fairly complicated especially for the center hinge. I did the initial cuts and then spent the rest of the time filing and fitting and filing and fitting. This went on for the better part 5 hours. I did make one mistake however, I mislabeled my template and cut the wrong side of the center hinge for the control arm cut out. I spent the rest of my time today making a filling blank out of spare leading edge material and then flush riveted it on. Its not perfect and will need some body filler to make it match perfectly.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 296 hours

Lower Ailerons #15

October 15, 2010

Today I spent some time gathering more tools at the airport I got a different pneumatic squeezer some 3/8 thick aluminum pieces to make a dimple backing for those tight dimple areas and I grabbed some rivets. I received the leading edge adhesive yesterday and I decided today is the day to attach the leading edge for good. I decided week ago that I would be using solid rivets and counter sinking them. I had to make an offset for the squeezer so that I had enough room to dimple the sheet metal. I used the aluminum piece I picked up from the airport to drill a 3/32 hole and then counter sink to make the female backing that I could get really close to the edge of the flange as the normal and smaller female dimples weren’t small enough.

I started by removing the leading edge. I then sanded the ribs with 220 grit sand paper to rough them up for the adhesive. I also roughed up the leading edge where the ribs sat on the leading edge, and then I cleaned everything real good. I then mixed up the adhesive. I didn’t know how much to mix and I ended up mixing 3 batches to cover the ribs and the leading edge tube. After I got it all applied I re-installed the leading edge using clecos again. I made sure everything was straight finished clecoing all the holes. I then started dimpling. I started from the center and worked my way out. I would dimple a section between ribs and then re-cleco all but one and then buck rivets into the holes. This took forever as in 5 hours to buck all the rivets. But I was able to get a solid rivet all but a very select few and those were on the tapered tip.

Oh yeah and my wife came down stairs and bucked a few rivets for me!

Time spent today 8.5 hours
Total time spent 286 hours