Lower Ailerons #10

Tonight I wanted to try out fabricating and installing the tapered leading edge. I liked the way that the Model 12 ailerons overlap on the underside of the main leading edge. Raven’s pictures show that the tapered leading edge overlaps on the top and I really didn’t like that. So I took a wack at over laping the other way. I started by laying the left over leading in the right spot and then marking the angle at which I would cut it. I ended up marking a 3/8″ extra and used that a mark for overlap. I then drilled a couple of holes and then cut the leading edge so that it could wrap easily around the nose. I then used my drilling method with wood sticks and clamps to hold the leading edge in place. I then trimmed the tip. I then had to mark and cut the trailing edge side of the leading edge. After all that was fit I double checked to make sure the tip wasn’t warped and the trailing edge was straight and I drilled the rivets through the spars. This all took a really long time and this was some what summarized.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 256.5 hours

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