Lower Aileron #12

Tonight I spent the remain weekend hours working finishing up the lower left ailerons straight leading edge drilling and clecoing. I marked all the inbetween rivet by drawing a straight line between rib intersection clecos. I then measured down 3/16″ to find the centerline. This makes it easy since I put in the lengthy time measuring each rib intersection hole to make sure it is centered on the spar flange. I was able to get both sides of the aileron drilled and clecoed. I then the leading edge at the last full rib to the tip in preparations for the tip tapered leading edge. I then used the left over spar and cut out the flanges and drilled and cleco’d those into place. Now all i have left is to cut and install the tapered leading edge and then on to the upper ailerons.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 263 hours

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