Lower Ailerons #13

Tonight I went down to the basement fully determined to finish the lower left aileron, and I came really close. Did I mention I hate the tapered tips? They are a pain in the freakin ass! I was able to pull some of th clecos on the straight part of the leading edge and slide the trimmed extra leading edge under. I then pushed the leading edge down to the tip and lined every thing up and marked the line for the taper. I pulled it all appart and trimmed the taperd part of the leading edge. I then marked 7/16″ inside of the that, drew the line and then drilled two relief holes and used my tin snips to relieve the metal to bend nose so it could conform to the nose of the last full rib. After that I marked and trimmed the tip to make the installation easier. After that I lined everything up again and drew a straight line flush and colinear with the trailing edge of the straight leading edge and trimmed that on both sides. After that I clampped and marked the location for the holes and started drilling. I got all holes drilled and clecos installed. The clamps were giving me a really hard time and kept poping off and I would have to reset the clamps and wood which is like a monkey F’ing a football and it took forever. I forgot to take pictures again but I will get some up in a few days (besides it doesn’t look any different than the right lower aileron anyhow) Oh and the only thing I have left is to install the trailing edge angle braces which won’t take but 20 minutes.

Time spent tonight 3.5 hours (i know for freakin ever right!)
Total time spent 269.5 hours

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