Lower Ailerons #17

Today I finished up the lower right aileron hinge cut out by filing it back some more so that the aileron could travel up and and down more. I set it so that the aileron could travel 32 deg either side we’ll see if that is enough later.

I then decided I wanted to finish the lower left aileron. All I had left to do is rivet the leading edge on. The whole process takes approx 7 hours start to finish. I started with removing the leading edge and sanding the rib locations to rough them up for the adhesive. I then de-burred everything. I mixed the adhesive and applied it to the nose ribs and the leading edge. I then re-installed the leading edge and cleco’d it in place starting from the center and moving out board. After that I started dimpling and riveting and I was able to finish the aileron.

After that I had some more time so I marked the location of the hinges by laying the aileron on the three hinges with the 3/16″ spacer. I then spent some time trimming the templates to widen them some so I wouldn’t have to file so much (things I learned from the right side. I traced the cut out location on the aileron and drilled a 3/8″ hole in each corner to help with cutting the blank out. On the each side of the cut outs I drilled a hole and clecoed the leading edge to make sure I would be secure for the cut. I masked the area off because it provides straight lines and also because I can wipe the permanent marker off the aluminum after some handling. I cut the leading edge down to the holes with my die grinder and was able to get the blank out. I then used my snips to trim up the edges. Tomorrow I will file everything perfect and install the hinge brackets.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 306 hours

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