Upper ailerons #8

Today I only had a few hours but I decided to get a few things done. On saturday I was able to get out the airport to use the shear and brake. I made the angles for the tapered tip spar caps. I just sheared and folded a 87 deg angle in a 7/8 in wide strip of 6061-T6 0.035 so that I had 7/16″ on either side. After that I took my buddies S-1S up for 0.5 aerobatic flight it was nice to get into the air again. Anyway on Sunday I was able to get the intermedate holes drilled for both sides of the upper right aileron and the spar caps trimmed and cleco’d. I started to drill and cleco the upper left aileron tip but ran out of time. Sorry no photos today.

Time spent (2 day roll up) 3 hours
Total time spent 318.5 hours

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