Upper Ailerons #9

Tonight I worked on the upper left and right ailerons. I started off on the upper right aileron by finishing drilling of the spar cap angles on the tapered tip. I then took everything apart and deburred both the upper right and left spar cap angles on the tapered tips and riveted both angles on both ailerons. I also drilled and riveted the trailing edges of the tip ribs on both ailerons.

After I was done I started working the tapered leading edges for the upper right aileron. I was able to get the tip rough installed and trimmed. It is just about ready for drilling. Tomorrow I will get the tip drilled and cleco’d and then hopefully have enough time to get the left tapered tip leading edge fitted and trimmed up to the same point. The goal is to get these ailerons finished by the end of this weekend but we’ll see how that goes.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 322.5 hours

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