Upper Ailerons #12

I didn’t spent much time today working on the wings as I spent half my day at the airport working on Pitts S-1S my buddy owns. The brakes were a little spongy last time I flew it so I decided to bleed the brakes and viola good brakes again. After that I went for a 0.5 flight to bore holes in the sky.

Anyway the time that I did spend in the basement I was productive. Now that the upper ailerons are riveted It was time to make the hinge cut outs. I laid the aileron on top of the hinges and marked the edges hinges with my 3/16″ spacer installed then I taped off the edges just in case the marked lines rub off and started cutting with the angle grinder. I did a rough cut and then filed it down to the edge of the tape. It worked really well. I still need to finish the middle aileron cutout for the slave strut bracket but I will save that for another day.

Time spent today 2.5 hours
Total time spent 340 hours

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