Upper right trailing edge, control tubes

Today I glued the trailing edge on the the upper right trailing edge after I accidentally broke the upper cap strip of one of the upper left ribs. I also repaired/reinforced the broken cap strip. After that I pondered the location of the lower wing control tube idler. I have been debating for some time which bay I should put the idler in. The plans call for third bay but Raven has them in the second bay. I personally don’t like the length of the control tube inside the wing. Raven had increased the size to 3/4″ to combat vibratory issues (due to length) and to increase the strength but even so I still didn’t like it so I went with the original plans location at the third bay. I spent some time making a mock up control tube out of 3/4″ wooden dowel and a 5/16″ bolt with the head cut off off. This worked really well and allowed me to mock up the control tube and monitor clearances before I cut the metal tubes.

Time spent today 4.5 hours
Total Time spent 352 hours

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