Upper and lower wing misc. and random items

Today was able to get quite a bit done. I started off by removing the upper wing right trailing edge from the clamps and started trimming and sanding it straight. I then moved over and removed the clamps on the repair of the rib I cracked as it got hung up on my sweat shirt as I was passing by it. The repair came out good and it’s probably strong than before. After that I moved over to the Idler doublers. I decided on the third bay inboard on the lower wing. I realize this is contrary to the the way Raven does it but as I said in the previous posts this is the same location as the Stock S-1S drawings and I like the shorter length of the tube better anyhow so I went ahead and glued on the doublers. After that I glued the upper wing left side trailing edges. Once I was done with that I decided I would measure and cut the control tubes. I used my mocked up wooden dowls with bolt in the end to measure out the correct size and then cut away. I used a small dremel sanding drum to ream out the inside of the tube a little bit but the rod end fitting still didn’t slide in easily. So I took the rod end over to the drill press and chucked it up lightly and using some 150 grit sand paper I let took the cad plating off (it had to come off anyway) and the rod end slide right in to the tube perfectly. I repeated the same thing for the right side. After that I noticed my upper wing center section rib noses just sitting there needing trimming (slightly long) so I measured and trimmed those using my compound powered miter saw. After that I decided I would finish the rib noses for the upper and lower wing tip (extra area for the tip fairings to glue to without splicing them. I made all four of the those and glued the lower wing noses on. BTW I had to cut all those out of 1/4 ply (those didn’t come in the kit and used one of the rib noses as a template). I was playing with the lower right controls and decided I would start incorporating the final hardware. I started to do this but quickly realized that the center hinge bracket bushings, when installed, don’t allow the bearing to slide in (aka to big). I’ll have to call rob on that and ask him whats up with that. If I have to removed the slave strut arm every time I take the aileron off that is a major pain the the ass. I had a few more hours so I started cutting all the spar caps for the lower wings and I managed to get all the but the 7/8″ caps glued down on the top of the wings tomorrow I will flip the wings and glue down the bottoms.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 362 hours

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