Upper wing tips

This is a roll up of the last two days of work. I had a couple of hours the last two days to work on the upper wings. I decided that after talking with Rob at Raven it would be ok to go ahead and attach the wing tip bows. I pretty much already had the tip bows temporarily attached with small aircraft grade brads but they have been failing to hold the tips for some time now. So I decided to go ahead and pre drill the holes with a 3/32 drill bit and then I followed it with a #6 1-1/4 in SS wood screw like the plans call for. The screws seem to hold them nicely and will be really attached once I add some glue to the joint. With the tip bows attached better I want to profile them so i could fit the leading edge fiberglass. I marked the centerline on the tip bow and using my jitterbug sander I started the profile using 60 grit sand paper. It took a little while even with the 60 grit but the profile was starting to look good. Once I got it down to the centerline of the bow I flipped the wing over and did the other side. As I final blend I used the sander to round the bow at the centerline. This took alot of rotating motion of the sander. I then started to fit the leading edge fiberglass tips. I marked the edge of the nose at the full size rib with masking tape to keep it straight and using my cut off wheel on my die grinder I cut the nose straight. I then trimmed the back edge. The inside of the fiberglass tips isn’t that smooth because they are made with a chopping gun not biweave fiberglass, so I needed to smooth that out with my drum sander attached to my battery drill. After two nights I was able to get both wing tips attached and profiled and the tip caps fitted.

Time spent 5 hours
Total time spent 373 hours

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