Old Wing Removing and More wing tips

I had a fairly productive day today. I headed out to the airport to remove the old wings in preparation for a trial fit of my new wings. I had the root fairings and javelins already off so I started with removing all the cotter pins in the safetied bolts. I then started loosening the flying and landing wires. I had to remove the flying and landing wire nuts on the lug side of the wing which is something I haven’t done since I installed them about 5 years ago so it took a little longer. After that I removed the I-struts and slave struts. I then got a friend to help me get the top and bottom wings off the plane. They are now resting happily in the wing cradles.

I headed back home to do a bit more work on the wings. I wanted to clear coat the lower wing spars at the mounting lugs so that when I rig the wings and lock down the wires that I don’t have to loosen the inboard drag wires on the lower wings. Anyway I brushed a light coat of epoxy to protect it when I install the metal fittings.

I also profile sanded the lower left and right wing tips and cut and fitted the lower wing fiberglass tips.

Time spent today 6.5 hours
Total time spent 381

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