Wing delivery and Trial fit

I guess you can mark this down as a momentous day in the making of a set of wings, the trial fit. I started the day with installing the hardware, brackets and other required items to install the wings. I then ran out to the airport and picked up my friend’s 22 ft long enclosed trailer and and brought it back home with me. It was raining that day so I had to cover the wings in plastic to keep the water off of them. Anyway I was able to transport them in the trailer uneventfully to the airport 10 minutes away. I used foam left over from my carpet replacement years ago as padding on the floor of the trailer, it worked very well.

I got the wing to the airport and nearly immediately installed the upper wing on to the fuse. It fit perfectly. It will need some spacers but nothing some spare steel tube or washers can’t handle. I then started in on the lower wings. As it turns out the lower wing rear spar is slightly bigger than the stock (wider) and it fits but it’s extremely tight. I gave the lower aft wing fitting a couple of wacks with a piece of 2X4 and a normal hammer and and they move around a bit for min. However, I wasn’t able to install the wings with out first removing the most inboard rib. Once I removed the rib I was able to install the wings as they flex a bit more. I was able to install the forward bolt on both wings but the aft bolt holes didn’t line up very well, about a 1/4 to 1/2 bolt hole off on the rear side. It is almost certainly due to the installation of the rear wing fittings. I think what will end of happening is I grind off the old fittings and weld on new ones and the correct AOA and fit.

After that I was able to try my old I-struts to see if I was in the ball park, turns out yup I was was. I also did a little measuring on the trammeling I did at home and I was only 1/2″ off on the left wing which is pretty damn good if you ask me, easily adjustable with drag wires. It was getting late so I called it quits, overall a great day.

Time spent today 7.5 hours
Total time spent 388.5 hours

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