Wing trial fit #2

Tonight I braved the cold and went out to the airport anyway. It is 26 deg outside and windy but in the hangar it’s a balmy 34 deg, yay! I started off by leveling the fuse and wings. To level the fuse you will need to prop the tail up and you will have to let some air out of tires until it it level laterally. I already had a stand that was in the ball park for longitudinal leveling so that went pretty quick. I wanted to get the lay of the land so I started by checking the angle of incidence of the upper wing. I did this by using my Livingston wing rigging jigs to set the cord line of the upper wing and then I set the level on top of the the jig. As it turns out I have exactly 1.5 deg of AOI which is excellent since the drawings call for that! I then checked the lower left wing at the root and found it to be exactly 1.5 deg of AOI also great. The lower right is not so great at 1.1-1.2 deg of AOI which will need to be adjusted. The bolt holes on the lower wing fitting don’t line up anyway and I would like to reinforce them so I will just weld new fittings on and call it a day setting the AOI when I do. It will also help with me fitting the root rib without having to file a bunch off of it to make it fit. All this measuring and tweeking took all I had to give in the cold and I called it quits at 1030 and 22 deg harumpf.

Time spent today 2.5 hours
Total time spent 391

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