Wing Rigging #3

This is a two day roll up up 31st and 29th of Dec. I had just got back off a great vacation to Costa Rica to get warmed up and away from all this cold. Anyway I started by doing some measuring for flying wires. I wanted a 0.5 deg dihedral in the lower wings but I had to first level the upper wing and to do that I needed to level the fuse. I had already leveled the fuse laterally before I left for vacation but I had to let a lot of air out of the tires to get it right because I over did on both sides. Anyway I got he wings leveled and set the lower wings at 0.5 deg. I measured the flying and landing wires lengths. I found that had my landing wires available for a great price of $98 a piece which is far less than $170 a piece from other vendors. Anyway all this measuring had taken approximately 2 hours.

On new years eve I spend several hours out at the airport but this time I took the air compressor and several more long pieces of wood with the goal of prepping for I-struts and finalizing the measurements for the flying and landing wires so i make that purchase. I re-inflated my tires and re-leveled the fuse longitudinally and laterally. I leveled the top wing and set the tip AOI on each side of the top wing to 1.5 deg AOI to match the cabane AOI. I also reset the lower wings dihedral back to 0.5 deg and set the AOI of the lower right wing to 1.5 and checked the root which was at 1.5 deg. The right side was also set to 1.5 deg AOI at the root and tip and that lower right aft spar wing root bracket need to be re-drilled because the AOI was 0.7 deg. I got everything set perfect and started measuring to see if I had enough stream line tubing to make the I-strut. As it turns out 36 inches is damn close to not enough so I have to be very careful to cut it right the first time.

Time spent today and on the 29th 5 hours
Total time spent 396 hours

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