Wing Rigging #6 and I-strut #2

Tonight I got to the hangar armed with the numbers from my tensiometer since the Holloway Engineering website came back up sometime last night. As it turns out I was a little to tight on my wires. So I loosened the drag wires so that they are right at 350 lb which is the upper bound of the Pitts Maintenance Manuel limits. I doubled checked all the rigging again and then I decided to move on to the right I-strut. The first thing I did was add two large AN970 washers under each spar between the 3/4″ tube so that I would account for the actual washer that will be there permanently and the other one was to simulate the plywood that be there from the leading edges and the I-strut bay sheeting. Anyway using silver ink marker I marked the intersection of the I-strut stream line tube and the 3/4″ tubes I then started cutting the streamline tube using my angle grinder with a cut off wheel. I cut a little off the line and then using a flap disc sneaked up on the cut line checking the fit often and I ended up with a nice and tight fit that will make the welding easy. I would have posted a photo but my cell phone was dead and I forgot the camera at home, Sorry!

Time spent tonight 3 hours
Total time spent 406 hours

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