Lower Wing Aft Spar fitting

Today I decided to figure out the fix for the lower right wing aft spar attach bracket. The problem was that it was drilled so that the AOI was 0.7 deg instead of 1.5 deg like it supposed to be. My lower wing spar attach bracket has been drilled before when the airframe was a fitted with S-1C wings. A doubler plate had been added and welded around the periphery. What I ended up doing is using a MIG welder and filling in the previous holes with weld. I ground those welds flat and drilled new hole in the correct position. After that I will add yet another doubler but this time not only welded around the periphery but this doubler will have a bend and the extra will be welded to the frame around the bracket as well like the Service Bulletin shows. This will give it extra strength to support the bracket with welded holes.

I also plan to finish the left lower wing fitting that same way.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 429.5 hours

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