Lower wing root ribs

Today I wanted to get the lower wing root ribs attached however they needed to be sanded a little bit so they would fit on when the wings were in the brackets. It took a while to complete both ribs but eventually they slide on nice and tight and will be ready for gluing tomorrow.

After that I installed the ailerons so I could start working on the slave struts. I also took this opportunity to tighten the flying and landing wires a bit to tighten the structure up for the first time, not real tight though. I decided to check the AOI of the wings with the wires tight and everything seems to be spot on so far.

Also after removing some covering on the bottom of the fuselage I found the lower diagonal tube just aft of the seat cracked at the weld probably from vibrating to much. So there is yet another thing fix, oh well.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 435.5 hours

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