Aileron Bearing and Landing wires

Well today was sort of christmas in January. I received my landing wires from the wires I chose were good quality Brunton wires and they fit perfect. I also got new aileron bearings. I broke down and ordered ball bearing bearings for the hinges because the accuracy that is required to set the hinges and brackets so that spherical bearings can be used is just to tight. The ball bearings provide less friction and will last long anyhow. was able to ship me the RE3M6-2N bearings for $42 each which is $10 less per bearing then Aircraft Spruce. Anyway I got the bearings installed and the ailerons are smooth as silk with little to no friction. Installing the bearings and getting the ailerons back on the wings took a really long time, much longer than I thought.

Time spent 2.5 hours
Total time spent 438 hours

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