Lower wing control tubes and rigging the lower wings

Today I brought my small dremel drum sander bit to clean out in the inside of the control tube so that the rod ends inserts fit. I was able get the inserts to slide in so that I can check the control tube fit. Once I got the tubes temp installed I hooked up the last linkage to make the aileron attach to the stick. I took the opportunity to check and see if I could get full travel of the aileron with the stick rigged for the standard pitts wings. As I found out my legs the length they are kinda get in the way to get all the way up to 30 deg of travel. I can achieve 25 but that is running my hand into my knee pretty goo to get that.

Anyway I moved on to the rigging of the lower wing drag, anti-drag wires. The lower wing root ribs have been curing for 2 days now so I figured they would be good. The lower wing was pretty much in the place I needed it but needed to be trammeled a bit to get the center section to come forward about 1/8 of inch. I tighten and loosened the appropriate wires to get the leading edge straight and the went ahead and tensioned all the wires. Rinse and repeat for the right side then followed everything up by using my Holloway Engineering wire tensiometer to set the wires to 350 lb. After that I decided to call it a night.

Time spent today 5.5 hours
Total time spent 452 hours

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