More controls

In my last post I got the lower wings rigged. The last thing I did that night was remove the wings to make sure with the tension on them now they didn’t move. I only checked to make sure they would go back in the lower spar brackets not to check to see if they moved at all. Turns out the lower right wing moved a little bit or enough to cause me to want to loosen the wires and re-rig that wing. This took awhile but I finally got it back in again, but this time I lifted the wing off the pieces of wood that hold them up to make sure they didn’t move some. I then got back into the controls again. The last post I was having issues getting to 25 deg of aileron travel without running my hand into my knee really hard. I double checked all the controls and found that the aileron control arm (the arm that attaches to the spar of the aileron) was 5/8 longer than the S1-11 drawings and 7/16″ longer than the S-1S drawings (the distance from the control rod attach to the hinge attach). According to the drawings the hinge attach should be 2 3/8″ and mine is at 3″. This extra length was causing the gearing issue with the controls not allowing enough travel. I emailed Raven and asked why this is and he said it was initially to allow more room for the control rod to clear the spar. It was a change he made awhile ago and to correct the other end he made the tower on top of the torque tube higher to keep the gearing ratio. Well if you have a stock torque tube you won’t get enough throw. I don’t have any issues clearing the spar so I will simply shorten the aileron control arm to the correct dimension and go with that. For now I simply clamped the control rod the correct location and tried it and viola 29-30 deg of travel when I hit my knee so I can back that off using torque tube stops to 25 and have enough room not to hit my knee with my hand.

On a side note: Rob mentioned that he originally made the change to the control arm length a long time ago as they did that on a homebuilt Pitts and forgot about, after they started selling kits, that length wouldn’t work for a stock torque tube, turns out I am the only one to ask or to even mention it. It’s an easy fix anyway.

Time spent today 3.0
Total time spent 455.0

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