Slave struts and controls

Tonight I got my shipment from Aircraft Spruce that had the 0.040 4130 steel plate I needed to make the slave struts, the 4130 tube I need to finish off my lower wing controls and the weld in rod ends I needed to finish off the control tubes. I started with the control tube rod ends by lightly chucking them up in my drill press and using some sand paper to remove the CAD plating. I then took them to the airport to install them in the control tubes. I had a 36″ tube that needed to by cut to 33 3/8″ and the rod ends inserted to check the control system before fishmouthing and welding them. I got everything temp installed and checked the control travel, all is perfect.

I then moved on to the slave struts. I used my CAD program (Solidworks) to draft up the top of the slaves struts so that I can print them out and glue them to the steel sheet for cut out templates. I have done this before and it works well. I then cut out the inside pieces and used a brake to fold them. Unfortunalty I decided to fold them the same outside dimension as the slave strut tube which is a little less than 9/16″ which results in a .450 inside dimension. I checked the drawings and found realized I did this wrong and it need to be an inside dimension of 0.375. So I will fold a new set tomorrow to the correct dimensions.

Time spent today 3.5 hours
Total time spent 458.5

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