Slave struts

Tonight I got the airport and imediatly folded a new set of slave strut channels to the correct dimension this time. I then brought them down to my hangar to drill the holes and fit them them. I used the paper template hole location and drilled a 3/32 hole I then measured where the hole should be in the channel and drilled a 3/32 holes there. Using a cleco I checked the fit all was good. I then proceded to tack the channel in place. I welded the channel to the strut and then re-attached the outside piece using a cleco and a clamp tacked those in place. I welded as much as I could then formed the rest of the outside to match the shape of the stream line tube. It was pretty late so I called it a night. Tomorrow I will wil finish weld the tops and then start on the bottoms.

Time spent today: 3.5 hours
Total time spent: 462 hours

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