More slave strut checks and misc gluing

Tonight I spent a fair amount of time checking the aileron slave struts again trying to come up with a configuration that reduces the friction down. I had the upper wing set up on top of old washing machine boxes and I set the lower left wing on the floor set at approximate dihedral and temp installed the I-struts and slave struts. I messed around that for awhile figuring out that will need to shim the top slave strut drive out approx 1/8″ or 2 normal washers.

I also messed around with the balance of the ailerons as it turns out I currently don’t need nose balance but I actually need about 16 grams of tail balance with the slave strut installed. The way I figured this out was weighing the slave strut and dividing it by half and applying that in a small paper bowl with that amount of screws tied to the slave strut arm. The nose sat low I then added about 16 grams of weight at the trailing edge and that leveled the aileron. I did some small displacements of the aileron to make sure it returned to neutral and it did. To double check this I checked the balance with the ailerons connected together and it does sit nose low but I added 16 grams to each aileron trailing edge and it turns out it sat at neutral. At this point I am not inclined to add any weight to the aileron tail as with the covering the aileron will likely end up tail heavy with the weight of the covering.

After that I measured and cut the wooden struts in the last two bays of the wings. This is the 5/8″ by 1/2″ spruce strut. I glued that in place. I also glued the trailing edge pieces on the lower wings as well as one of the spar cap fill strips at the last non-tapered bay of the lower wings.

Time spent tonight 4 hours
Total time spent 475 hours

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