Lower left wing leading edge

Today I decided to work on the lower left wing leading edge. With a bunch of confidence from the upper wing center section leading edge I thought I would be able to get the lower wing leading edges all trimmed up. First thing first was to get lower wing jigged so that it had zero twist. I did this by using some of my previous jigs screwed to the table and then then clamped to the ribs. The jigs need to be offset from the spar because of the extra that hangs over so using the spar as a jigging point won’t work so clamping to the rib works just fine. I set the twist by using by digital level setting the root at one angle and matching the angle at the I-strut area. After I got everything sitting good I put the leading edge on and using some ratchet straps and some long pieces of wood I cinched the leading edge up tight and marked the aft edge of the spar in between the ribs and the also marked he nose rib areas on both ends.

After I marked everything I removed the leading edge and put on my table to transfer the lines to the out side of the leading edge for trimming. Using my long straight edge I transferred the lines and then offset so that had a straight line for my circular saw to follow. Its a cheater method for not having a table saw but heck it works.

I trimmed both sides and then refitted the leading edge and what do you know they fit perfectly flush with the spar and the filler sticks, which is awesome. After that I took the opportunity to trim and fit the root wing walk ply to the leading edge and it look and fits great.

Time spent today 2.5 hours
Total time spent 495.5 hours

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