Upper wing leading edges and skins

Today was another productive weekend days. I started off by clearing the tables of the lower wings and doing some general cleaning of my workspace to make way for the upper wing back on on the table. I moved the upper wings over to the able and proceeded with jigging them such that they were level and with zero twist. I then fit the right side leading edge by installing it and clamping it to the wing using 6 ratchet straps since I went out to buy more a couple of days ago. I then marked the back spar edge for trimming along with the center section and tip ribs for trimming.

I removed them and trimmed the back edges using my circular saw and a guide for the straight cut. I then trimmed the edges again using my tin snips to the do the rough trimming and my metal file and sanding block to do the fin tuning. I then re-installed the leading edge and using my fiberglass tip a and center section leading edge I marked the trim point for a perfect match. I first trimmed the center section edge and got it to fit perfect and then did the fiberglass tip edge. I then did the other side rinse and repeat.

After that I worked on the center section top skin pretty much the same way as the bottom skin a day ago except this one was easy with out the required cut outs for the attach brackets. I marked and cut small notches for the leading edges to fit. I then took the opportunity to snap a photo of the overall install.

I then wanted to take a hack at tackling the hand hold area. I started by making the backing plate to the hand hold out of the provided 1/4 spruce. I then used my palm sander with 60 grit sand paper sanded the laminated spruce bow to the correct taper for the ply that will go in there. I had previously marked the center line to know where to stop. I cut and trimmed ply to see how they would lay in there since it is such a complex curve area, and it seemed like with enough clamps you can force it to do pretty much whatever you like.

After that I cut and laid out all the filler strips that were required to finish the upper and lower wings and mixed up a batch of glue and glued the upper wing and lower wing fillers along with a bunch others. I also glued the hand hold backing plate along with triangle stock to support it. There are a bunch of pictures on in the gallery I didn’t post. After I had everything clamped I called it a night.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 510 hours

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