Lower left wing pitot static lines

Today I removed the clamps and stapled on sticks on the center section leading edge. The glue job came out well. I had to do a little bit of edge filing to make the joints square because of the squeezed out glue but it was pretty easy. I then removed the clamps on the lower left wing pitot static tube holders. I drilled two 3/8″ holes vertically in each holder and inserted rubber grommets. I temp routed the pitot static lines to check the fit. Now I need to head to the airport to flare the ends of the tube so they will seal.

I had some filler sticks that have yet to be glued on so I mixed up a small batch of glue to glue those on. I used some left over glue to glue the final pitot static tube holder.

Time spent today 2.0 hours
Total time spent 520 hours

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