Upper wing center section ply, aileron hinge nut plates and other things

Today I decided to get right to work and glue the center section upper surface ply sheet. I started by cleaning the joint of all left over glue to make the joint as clean as possible. I glued the ply down and then using the pieces of wood covered in tape that I used to glue the leading edge with I stapled them in place center first working my way out. I did the front and aft surfaces making sure they stayed aligned with my center-line marks.

After that was done I worked the the upper wing leading edges to drill holes for flying wire access. I marked out the hole centers using my S-1S plans locations they looked about right so I drilled a pilot hole and when that was good I widened the hole to 1-1/8″ like the drawings say and they work perfectly. You can see them in the picture below.

After that I primed and painted all four of the flying wire lugs in preparation for final installation. I last minute decided to prime and paint them. I initially didn’t want to do this because of the already tight fit. But, I figured I would try it anyhow and any paint that gets scratched off during install I will paint back on the other side.

Finally I finished installing all the grommets and checked out out the pitot static lines fit. I of course marked the P for Pitot and S for static for future reference.

I also cut all my aileron hinge backing plates drilling them for nut plates and the holding screws. Tomorrow I will rivet the nut plates to them and paint them.

Time spent today 7 hours
Total time spent 527 hours

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