Installing the upper right wing leading edge

Tonight was very similar to last night in regards to installing the leading edge. I started by installing the flying wire lugs and crush plate. I then filed the ribs slightly to get any clear coat off and to rough up the surface. I checked the fit of the leading edge one last time and positioned my clamps and ratchet straps. Finally I double checked that the wing had no twist. My loving wife (she’s a trooper T-88 is sticky and she never complained) came down to help me again but this time I mixed up 4 oz mixed of T-88 (2oz part A and 2 oz part B). My method this time to was spread the glue along inside the tip of the “V” of the leading edge with a mixing stick and once I got good coverage using a plastic putty knife to pull it up the sides. I had some left over glue this time so my best guess the upper leading edge requires about 3-3.5 oz of epoxy but having left over is better in my mind. I applied the glue to the ribs and filler strips and installed the leading edge just like yesterday using straps clamps and staple strips. After that I did a little sanding on the joints for the center section and the left leading edge I also located and drilled out the I-strut bolt holes on the left side.

Time spent today 2 hours
Total time spent 534 hours

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