Moving the Upper wing off the table and starting the lower wing leading edges

Tonight i decided to drill the flying wire acces hole into the I-strut bay sheet I also did some general sanding of the recently glued joints. I moved the upper wing over the boxes and the lower wing back on the work table and re-jigged them for no twist. I did a bit of sanding to get the drips from sealing the front spar with system three clear coat and a general cleaning of the ribs in preparation for the lower right wing leading edge. I then measured and drilled the flying wire holes and acces holes in the leading edge IAW demensions of the S-1S drawings. I then installed all the I-strut lugs cotter pins and bolt in the crush plates. It was getting late so I decided to call it a night I will glue the leading edge on tomorrow night. I did some shaping of the lower hand hold area just before I turned the lights out but it will need somemore tomorrow.

Time spent today 3.5 hours
Total time spent 539.5 hours

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