Gluing the lower right wing leading edge

Tonight my wife graciously suggested that after work we should get the lower right wing leading edge glued and installed. You just got to love her she is as anxious to get these done as I am. We basically did the same thing as we didn on the upper wing leading edges except I only mixed up 3 oz of T-88, which was not enough I think 3.5 oz would be perfect. It was suggested to me to slightly microwave the T-88 to get it runnier to make it easier to spread on the leading edge but I didn’t think it was that necessary so I just went ahead and did what worked before. After that I worked on the lower left wing pitot static area to add a support just incase someone bumps my Pitot static probe. All I did was glue some left over 1/4 by 1″ and 1/4 by 1.5″ spruce I had left over together and then glue that between the two nose ribs in the pitot static probe area. After that dries i will shape it to the nose rib shape and drill a hole into the center of it. This piece will beef up the leading edge area as it will be supported by the two ribs that will be glued to the leading edge and it will glue to the leading edge.

Time spent tonight 1.5 hours
Total time spent 541 hours

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