Taking off the right lower wing leading edge clamps

Today I didn’t have much time but I did make it to the basement to work on a few things. I removed the clamps from the previous nights gluing session. I cleaned up the joints a bit and removed it from the jigs. After that I worked on the upper wing hand hold area and tapered it to the correct taper using some 60 grit sand paper and my jitterbug sander. I fine tuned some areas with my file but that seemed to come out good. I then measured and cut the ply that goes in that area using pieces I had already cut from the top side as templates. After that I went over to the lower left wing and examined the pitot static probe re-inforcement all seem well and I widened the hole to allow the probe. I also widended the leading edge hole as well. Again I forgot to take pictures. I will post some later. I think I am about ready to glue on the lower left leading edge but I will leave tha to another day.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spend 543 hours

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