Upper wing lower side cove ply, trailing edge, and rib ply

Today I decided to glue the upper wing lower side aileron cove ply. I decided to make a cut of the cove ply at the last rib so that I can make a one piece tip section. I also decided to glue all the 1/4″ rib ply and the trailing edges. I clamped the 1/4″ rib cap plys using a very inexpensive clamp also known as a cloths pin. Walmart has them for sale at $3.49 for 100. When all the gluing was done I worked on the transition of the lower wing walk ply to the leading edge since the wing walk is 1/8″ and the leading edge is 1/16″. I used my planer to taper it and then I used 150 grit sand paper to smooth it. Here are just a few pictures, there are more on picasa.

Time spent today 3.0 hours
Total time spent 554 hours

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