lower right wing access hole

This is a two day roll up blog entry with no pictures. I decided that I instead of using my already cut out holes for the aileron 90 bell crank that I wanted to make a square cut out so that I could can access to that bell crank. I measured and cut out a 4.25 by 4.5 square hole. Using a sharp utility knife I made the cut out and then make a backing plate with a 1/2″ over lap to glue to the other side. I measured and drilled 3/16″ holes in the corners for the attach screws and installed #8 nut plates that I had lying around using 3/32″ flush cherry rivets through the wood, which seemed to work well.

I also spent a fair amount of time installing the upper left wing aileron hinges with the new nut plate backing plates. After those were installed I set the aileron gap by adjusting the rod end bearings out. Everything seemed to work well.

Time spent last two days 5.5 hours
Total time spent 564 hours.

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