Gluing the lower left wing I-strut ply and various other plys

Today I cut and trimmed up the lower left wing lower I-strut ply and I cut and fit the upper wing aileron cove tip piece on the both lower sides. Once everything was ready I glued the access hole doubler, the I-strut ply, the upper wing aileron cove tip pieces and the lower wing lower side trailing edges. After those were all clamped down and I worked on the lower wing aileron hinges by filing them down so that they fit into the cove. I flied about 1/8 out of the cove strip and about 1/16″ off the top and bottoms of the hinges and that allowed them to slide right in with just a tiny bit of interference. I also glued on a small piece of wood on to the drag block just outboard of the I-strut area for the aluminum cove to screw to.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 567 hours

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