Gluing the last upper wing plys

Today I cut and trimmed the upper wing lower side I-strut plys. I also drilled some access holes for the after spar fitting to accommodate the clevis’s and pins. I then put a second coat of the clear coat on the inside of the I-strut bays and glued the I-strut ply in place. I also glued the center section ply.

I received a shipment from aircraft spruce on Thursday and in that shipment was some 2024-T3 0.016 thick aluminum for the aileron coves. I measured and marked the aluminum and cut the first one out. I need to take it to the airport and and fold the edges. I also measured cut and trimmed the lower right wing walk lower plys. And finally I measured and cut out the square access hole on the lower left wing I-strut bay.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 572 hours

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