Folding the aileron coves gluing the upper wing plys

Today I took my newly cut out sheet metal to the airport to put the folds on it. I wanted a 1/16″ radius so I used a shoe of 0.032 that was folded all the way over to make the radius for me. I then put the sheet metal in and made the first fold. So far so good. The second one went just as easy. I took them home and cut the hinge holes out and tried it out. First off the radius dosn’t want to conform easily so I removed the cove and using 3/4″ dowel and clamps I clamped a radius in to the cove. I then refit it again. This time I used screws to hold it in place. The metal start to pucker on the top side a bit and I didn’t like the fit so threw in the towel. In the picture you can see the crease in the center of the cove. The top fold doesn’t look it it fits but it actually does when the cove is pull to shap by the screws.

While I was at the airport I grabed some left over Lexan from a belly skin window and made two inspection windows for the lower wing bell crank inspection hole. I counter sunk the screws and cut out the radius for the arm. I’m really happy with the way this came out.

Later that evening I cut and trimmed the aileron cove cap for the upper wing upper left side. I had to clear coat the inside prior because getting the clear coat in there would have been difficult after the cap was glued on. I also glued the rib cap plys for the

Time Spent Today 6 hours
Total time spent 578 hours

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