Upper wing compression strip ply and lower right wing aileron cove strips

Tonight I got right to work by removing the clamps on the previous days gluing the of the upper wing right side aileron cove cap plys. They came out well and I immediately started to trim the extra wood off the tip bow and sanded it to shape on the both the upper left and right tips. I finished it off with 150 grit sand paper they both turned out as good as their brothers siblings on the lower side.

I then cut and fit the compression rib cap plys those were ready to glue down. I then moved over to the lower right wing aileron cove and cut and trimmed the lower side aileron cove strip. I notched the top and bottom side so that I could remove the hinge in the future, I would be able slide it out. I then mixed up some glue and glued the strip down and the upper wing compression rib plys on the both the upper wing left and right sides and finished by gluing the bottom right wing wing walk ply since it was previously clear coated days before.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 584 hours

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