Lower wing cove cap ply and upper wing hand hold center ply

Thursday I removed the clamps on the upper handhold left side ply and the lower left wing aileron cap strip. I then tapered the ply on the upper hand hold into the hand hold bow like you see in the below pictures. Lastly I mixed up some clear coat and coated the areas that would be hard to get to when I glue the aileron cove cap ply.

Friday I fell asleep on the couch watching TV after a long week at work no work on the wings.

Today I trimmed and cut the hand hold center ply. I then marked and cut the hole for the hand hold using a utility knife. After that I cut and trimmed the lower right wing lower side aileron cap and tip ply. After that I glued both the hand hold and aileron cap ply. I also cut the 1/4″ cap plys for the lower right wing and one of the lower left wing and glued those too.

Later that evening (11 hours later) after I did some yard work and watch some movies I went down to see if the glue had set up and it had. I then un-clamped everything and mixed up some glue for the lower left wing aileron cove ply. I also cut and glued the lower right wing compression rib ply and the lower left wing 1/4″ rib cap plys.

Time spent today and yesterday 4.5 hours
Total time spent 591 hours

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