Gluing the lower wing upper side I-strut bay ply

Tonight I worked on the lower wings upper side I-strut bay plys. I started locating the spot were the 90 deg bell crank bolt on the ply and drilling a hole that allows a socket wrench in and the bolt out so that if I ever want to remove the bell crank I can after cutting a hole in my fabric of course but the option is there. Also I drilled a hole for the control rod bearing bolt so that I can install those and remove them in the future too. If I ever want to make them a inspection panel I can afterwards (even after fabric) by cutting the hole and gluing a doubler plate on the back side. After that I glue the surface down. I also glued the trailing edge ply strips too.

Time spent today 2.0 hours
Total time spent 595.5 hours

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