Upper wing hand hold lower side ply

Today i decided I would glue the upper wing lower side ply close out. This is a PITA (Pain In The Ass) with all the tapers its hard to get clamps in there to hold. but I eventually got everything clamped and stabilized.

I then drilled the flying wire through holes for the I-strut bays on all 4 sides. And i finished up with sanding all the joints were I just glued the rib caps plys. I am very nearing general wing building with the following left to do before I clear coat everything:

1) Glue the fiberglass wing tips in place
2) Weld the control tube rod ends
3) Glue the upper wing hand hold ply center
4) Cut trim and glue the wood Cove material I just got in from Raven.
5) Smooth everything out with body filler.
6) Clear Coat
7) Start Covering.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 602 hours.

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