Sanding the hand hold and gluing the lower wing aileron coves

Today I was a very productive day. First off headed out the airport and did some flying in my buddies Grumman Tiger. After that I headed home and did some stuff around the house so that I could earn the right to spent 6 hours in the basement. Remember guys, you can just always go work on your projects you have to do stuff for and with your wife so you don’t get yelled at, a little goes a long way in this area. Anyway I started by trimming tapering the recently glued hand hold area. I then made the hand cut out and sanded it smooth.

After that I flipped the lower wing vertical so that I could work on the cove with the wood I got from Raven. I will be installing 0.8 mm Finnish birch plywood in the cove area since the aluminum cove didn’t work out so well or not well enough for my standards. Any way the coves were cut to size already and ready to squeeze in. But before I do that I wanted support the areas where the hinges come through with some 1/4″ ply so I made up 10 pieces that I sanded to the shape of the cove. This took a very long time and they are on my list of PITA. Anyway I cut the hinge holes out on one of the sides but after I did that I realized that they were just to fragile so on the left wing I just marked the location for cut out later. After that I clear coated the inside of the cove and the ply and glued everything in place. I clamped them down using a 2″ and 1.5″ PVC Schedule 40 pipe had laying around.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 608 hours

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