Fitting the lower left aileron

Today I worked with the lower left aileron by fitting it with the final hardware for the hinges and final install of the lower left wing hinges. I started by shortening the drive arm so that the hinge bolt is 2-3/8″ from the drive bearing. I think I spoke about this before but my drives were a little long from Raven initially. After that I decided to make an aluminum shim from some spare 0.090 6061 plate I had around. This is to offset the slave strut drive away from the hinge to make some clearance for the bolt. After that I loosely installed all the hinge hardware and installed the aileron after it was bolted down I then tightened the hinge brackets to the aileron so that I had a match fit. I adjusted the distance of the hinge bearings so that the correct gap.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 627 hours

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