Fitting the upper right aileron filling the top side of the top wing

Today I worked on the upper right aileron to get it to fit and to also assemble the middle hinge spacers and brackets. this is largely the same as the previous post mostly rinse and repeat. After that I moved the upper wing back over to my boxes and proceeded to mix some bondo fill any gaps and smooth any joints. I concentrated on the center section hand hold area the center section front where the leading edge and the center section ply wood intersect. I also filled the I-strut joints as well. After it dried I sanded it smooth. After all that was done I moved the lower wing over to the upper wing and temp assembled the wings so that I could figure out how the slaves struts fit and to make a small notch in the lower wing trailing edge cove for the slave strut. Turns out everything fits really well and is silky smooth. Doing the final fit of the ailerons took a really long time but it worth it for the nice silky smoothness of the aileron system.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 636 hours

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