Finish taping the upper left aileron

May 27, 2011

Tonight I installed the finish tapes on the ribs, trailing leading edge sweep and top and bottom spars. While I was waiting for some glue to dry I started anti-chafe taping the lower right aileron

Time spent tonight 3 hours
Total time spent 678 hours

Rib stitching the upper left aileron

May 25, 2011

Tonight I spent my time rib stitching. First thing first I had to measure and mark straight lines that intersect the ribs. Once that was done I pre-punched the stitch holes with a pencil and then added the reinforcing strips. My wife wanted to learn how to rib stitch so I spent some time with her showing her how but she was too tired take on a rib by herself so I ended up back downstairs and finished the stitches.

Time spent 2.5 hours
Total time spent 675 hours

Finish tapes on lower left aileron covering the upper left aileron

May 24, 2011

Today I started off by finishing the upper side spar tape on the lower left aileron and then I also taped the trailing edge. All I have left on this aileron is to install the tip tapes to close everything off.

I set that aileron aside and start the upper left aileron by generally cleaning the dust and finger prints off the the aileron with some alcohol in a spray bottle with a rag. I then started taping on the anti-chaff tape on the ribs, spars and trailing edges. After that I glued on the piece fabric that I had cut a week ago it looks as though I can get three ailerons out of one 2 yrd X 2 yrd piece of fabric.

Time spent tonight 3.5 hours
Total time spent 672.5 hours

Rib stitching and taping lower left aileron

May 22, 2011

Today I decided that I was going to rib stitch my newly covered aileron. I had been practicing a piece of wood the modified seine knot and I was read to give it a go. Turns out I had to cut my starter knot 3 times and retry since I couldn’t keep my runner tight. I gave up trying to do it like the videos show and just downloaded the A.C. 43.13-1b to have a look at the external stitch method they had in there. and viola winner. I was able to do the knot and keep everything tight no issues. BTW I made a needle out of some 1/8″ welding rod I had around that I flatten one end with a hammer and drilled a 1/16″ hole in the end for the thread and I brought the tip to a dull point.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 669 hours

Covering the left lower aileron

May 16, 2011

Tonight I decided it was high time to start covering. I started by putting anti-chaffe tape on every place that could cut my hand if past over it. This included the trailing edges and trailing edges of the leading edges and ribs.

I then poured some Ekobond glue in a cup and painted the places that I wanted the fabric to attach to. This included the areas around the hinges, trailing edges and the aileron tips. I also did the nose just to hold everything in place while glued. I decided to do this covering in one wrap the over laps at the trailing edge and I also had to do the tapered tip leading edges. The actual covering took a while but after working with Super Seam or Poly Tak I will never go back Toxic and crapping stuff. The Ekobond is just a pleasure to work with and its what most folks are using right now (or something similar from 3M) I was able to get everything covered and shrunk from 250 to 300 to 350. now I need to mark for stitches and tapes and It will be ready for paint.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 665 hours.

Getting the fuse home

May 15, 2011

Well today was interesting to say the least. So there I was about 4 in the afternoon after I did some thing around the house I decided that I wanted to get my fuse home today. So I headed off to the airport to get the trailer and and my fuse. I was able to load the fuse up pretty easily and I ratcheted it down to the trailer. once I got it home I wheeled it up the grass on the side of my house to the basement sliding door. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get the fuse into the basement because of the wheel base was 6 ft and the door is only 5 ft so I thought that if I put it on casters I would be able to push it sideways enough to fit it into the door. So I had to take the door apart to get in for starters. I then made wheel casters by screwing wheel casters I bought from Lowes to two pieces of 2X3 with a notch cut. After I was complete with that I needed to jack up the plane to get the wheels off and the casters on. Once that was done I was able to get the fuse into the basement just like I thought.

After all was cleaned up I got back home and removed the turtle deck aluminum and wood to expose the fuse. The plan is to convert over to strap hinges and maybe build a carbon turtle deck, make a new rudder and elevators. fix some cross members that were never installed and paint fuse.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent

Filling and sanding lower wing tips and final fit and rig check

May 14, 2011

This is a (multiday roll up post)

Thursday (12MAY2011)
I removed the clamps on the lower wing tips and just like the tops there is a slight transition edge from the wing tip fiberglass and the wooden leading edge so I mixed up some polyester body filler and smoothed some of the transitions. After it dried (15 min or so) I sanded the transition smooth.

Time spent today 2 hours

Friday (13MAY2011)

Went over and grabbed by buddies trailer and brought it back to the house to load the wings to go to the airport. Once I got them to the airport My wife and I got them temp installed with I-struts and flying wires (loose). I spent a fair bit of the day checking the rig and adjusting the push pull tubes for proper aileron travel. I found out that I needed a little more filing in the lower wing cove where the slave strut goes and also in the area where the forward landing wire connects with the upper wing aft spar so that the clevis fits.

I removed the fabric on the fuselage, and I also removed the stabilizers from the fuse in preparation to move it home for some work on it in the basement. I removed back half of the wheel pants and the brake calipers because I will need to remove the wheel and install casters to get it through the basement door (still not sure this will work). And lastly I removed the spinner and the prop.

Time spent today 7 hours

Saturday (14MAY2011)

I spent some more time checking the rig by leveling the top wing and checking the dihedral on the lower wing as well and the angle of incidence on the upper and lower wings and all is perfect. After I had everything where I liked it started to disassemble the wings and call my wife to help me reload them back in to the trailer for transport back home for covering.

Time spent today 4 hours

Total time spent over the last three days 13 hours
Total time spent 662

Gluing the lower wing tips and more and more filling

May 8, 2011

Today I glued the lower wing tips and also did copious small fill jobs mostly just filling the imperfections in the aileron tips and sanding off the areas that I already filled. Anyhow I did this for quite some time today but I can officially say that the ailerons are ready for cover and the upper wings are ready for clear coat. Once the lower wing tips cure and I can fill the transitions between the leading edges and the fiberglass those will be ready for the clear coat as well. One step closer to to covering.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 649 hours

More sanding and filling

May 3, 2011

Today I sanded down the filling from Sunday’s work on the lower wing. I then flipped the lower wings over and filled in the areas with polyester resin. I sanded the areas around the upper wing tip pieces so that they were flush and then filled in any low areas with more polyester resin. This took a lot longer than it did to type this little paragraph out.

Time spent today 3.0 hours
Total time spent 644 hours.

Gluing the upper wing tips and filling the lower wings

May 1, 2011

Today I decided to glue the upper wing tips. I wanted to make sure I had room underneath the tip edge so that if I accidentally sanded through trying to blend it in the tip bow there would be something underneath to structure it. I added fiber fill to the T-88 to thicken it up a bit just at the tip for this very reason. After that I applied bondo to the upper side of the lower wings on one some parts of the ailerons to blend some areas that were low.

Time spent tonight 3 hours
Total time spent 641 hours