Filling and sanding lower wing tips and final fit and rig check

This is a (multiday roll up post)

Thursday (12MAY2011)
I removed the clamps on the lower wing tips and just like the tops there is a slight transition edge from the wing tip fiberglass and the wooden leading edge so I mixed up some polyester body filler and smoothed some of the transitions. After it dried (15 min or so) I sanded the transition smooth.

Time spent today 2 hours

Friday (13MAY2011)

Went over and grabbed by buddies trailer and brought it back to the house to load the wings to go to the airport. Once I got them to the airport My wife and I got them temp installed with I-struts and flying wires (loose). I spent a fair bit of the day checking the rig and adjusting the push pull tubes for proper aileron travel. I found out that I needed a little more filing in the lower wing cove where the slave strut goes and also in the area where the forward landing wire connects with the upper wing aft spar so that the clevis fits.

I removed the fabric on the fuselage, and I also removed the stabilizers from the fuse in preparation to move it home for some work on it in the basement. I removed back half of the wheel pants and the brake calipers because I will need to remove the wheel and install casters to get it through the basement door (still not sure this will work). And lastly I removed the spinner and the prop.

Time spent today 7 hours

Saturday (14MAY2011)

I spent some more time checking the rig by leveling the top wing and checking the dihedral on the lower wing as well and the angle of incidence on the upper and lower wings and all is perfect. After I had everything where I liked it started to disassemble the wings and call my wife to help me reload them back in to the trailer for transport back home for covering.

Time spent today 4 hours

Total time spent over the last three days 13 hours
Total time spent 662

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