Getting the fuse home

Well today was interesting to say the least. So there I was about 4 in the afternoon after I did some thing around the house I decided that I wanted to get my fuse home today. So I headed off to the airport to get the trailer and and my fuse. I was able to load the fuse up pretty easily and I ratcheted it down to the trailer. once I got it home I wheeled it up the grass on the side of my house to the basement sliding door. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get the fuse into the basement because of the wheel base was 6 ft and the door is only 5 ft so I thought that if I put it on casters I would be able to push it sideways enough to fit it into the door. So I had to take the door apart to get in for starters. I then made wheel casters by screwing wheel casters I bought from Lowes to two pieces of 2X3 with a notch cut. After I was complete with that I needed to jack up the plane to get the wheels off and the casters on. Once that was done I was able to get the fuse into the basement just like I thought.

After all was cleaned up I got back home and removed the turtle deck aluminum and wood to expose the fuse. The plan is to convert over to strap hinges and maybe build a carbon turtle deck, make a new rudder and elevators. fix some cross members that were never installed and paint fuse.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent

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