Covering the left lower aileron

Tonight I decided it was high time to start covering. I started by putting anti-chaffe tape on every place that could cut my hand if past over it. This included the trailing edges and trailing edges of the leading edges and ribs.

I then poured some Ekobond glue in a cup and painted the places that I wanted the fabric to attach to. This included the areas around the hinges, trailing edges and the aileron tips. I also did the nose just to hold everything in place while glued. I decided to do this covering in one wrap the over laps at the trailing edge and I also had to do the tapered tip leading edges. The actual covering took a while but after working with Super Seam or Poly Tak I will never go back Toxic and crapping stuff. The Ekobond is just a pleasure to work with and its what most folks are using right now (or something similar from 3M) I was able to get everything covered and shrunk from 250 to 300 to 350. now I need to mark for stitches and tapes and It will be ready for paint.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 665 hours.

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