Eko Fill the lower left aileron

Kinda a roll up post on the eko filling the lower aileron. So I decided to dig into one of the lower ailerons 1 for now just to get the hang of the stewarts systems products. First off I mixed up the eko clean to a 1:18 mixture of cleaner to water and I lightly sprayed that on the to the aileron wiping it with a clean damp terry towel. I then rinsed with a wet terry towel. The problem I imediatly noticed was that the terry towels that stewarts tells you to use leave a lint on the surface. I found that high pressure air nozzle removed it very well but i figured this out after I did my first coat of the brush part. I let it dry over night and did the second coat of after I lightly sanded the terry towel lint off the surface. I then did the second coat. After it dried I lightly sanded that as well. I then sprayed the first cross coat with the Devilbiss Finish line 3 gun with two craftsman pro 7.4 CFM compressors tee together to make 15 ish CFM. After it dried I sanded that lightly to get it smooth and then sprayed the 2nd cross coat. I only got one coat in and realized I got a little over zealous and sprayed too much and it started to run! Damn it! Anyway it was only a few runs and I should be able to sand them out and continue the last cross coat. Were it didn’t run it looked really smooth and nice and I was pretty satisfied so I hope I will get the runs out and try again. If not I pull the covering off and try again that is why I tried the ailerons first I don’t waste much money in covering supplies just a bunch of time.

Time spent 5 hours
Total time spent 704 hours

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